May I Join You For Dinner? If you love good feelings that tingle your heart, you will love this CD. Its entirely acoustic piano, and played from the deepest parts of my heart and soul.Dedicated to my soul mate Elizabeth for always being there for me,for her patience and understanding.
 Tenderly                                                            Have I Told You  Whiter shade                                                     Windmills  Send the Clowns                                               Had To Be You  Titanic                                                                Unforgetable  All I ask of You                                                   Phantom  Masquerade                                                       As Time Goes
Merry Christmas My Christmas CD the way I feel it. Hope you enjoy.
White Christmas                                            Frosty Come All Ye Faithfull                                     Here C Santa Silent Night                                                     Home Christmas Green Sleaves                                                Sleighride                                    Christmas Song
Need an original song for that new CD of yours? These are all available.                                             Country                                                 Rock Blues & Easy Listening                                                                        Dinah                                                         Piano On A Moon                                                                                        Dozen Roses                                            Caught In The Middle                                                                                  Brand New                                                Nowhere I've Been                                                                                      I Need A Hit                                               The Beauty                                                                                                  Rag Mop                                                    Inner Man {Rough Cut}                                                                                  After All                                                      Blue World                                                                                                                                  Life Of Song                                           Piano On A Moon & Dinah writen by Norman Kerner & John Ranger.                                           Cauth In The Middle Shane Ranger &  John Ranger.                                           Most of these demos are rough but you will get the idea.
My latest collaboration with my good friends Jimmy Malone and Claude Roy.
Stuart Mitchell John Ranger Part 1
Stuart Mitchell John Ranger Part 2
Steve Cox John Ranger
My Collaborations with great musicians
Sailing in Space Written, arranged, composed, on my Korg Keyboards. Sailing In Space expresses my deepest feelings in music. I feel that I have painted a true musical picture that best reveals my soul. If you love looking at the stars at night, and get a feeling of AWE, you will love this voyage through space with me.Oh, one more thing, don't try to tap your feet to most of this music. There are no rules here.
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