Kenny & The Be Bops My first band  Kenny & The Be Bops My first band My Past In 1960, after playing together for a few years, the Be Bops released their first 45 called LINDY LOU. Playing in northern Ontario & Quebec, The Be Bops were a great fifties band, but short lived. I had tons of fun in the fifties, but I wasn't seriously thinking about music then. But who cared? I was sixteen. Band members were: Jim Sasyniuk, Jimmy Kripotos, Bill Ledster, Myself, and Kenny Roy. Also Ray Quinn our first drummer. This recording of Lindy Lou and My Life, is the original 45 (untouched) sounds just like it did on my old Sparton record player in 1958. Hey man just put a nickel in this juke box and listen to the Be Bops!! Opps sorry now a days it's 10 bucks :) Cool Man! Recorded @ Newberry Studios Al & The Crescendos The Flaming Stars The Jades Next came Al & The Crescendos. This was a great band in the sixties and were very popular at the Gardens were we played often. Memmbers were. Al Falconi, Bill Ledster, Pete Bramah, Ray Boucher, Felix Truchon, Tom Arens, and me. The Flaming Stars where very short lived and became The Jades within a few months Rene Hamelin, Don Carpentier, Jimmy Kripotis, Kenny Roy, & Myself. We got our feet wet in the bizz playing in this band. We moved in and out of Ontario and Quebec as well as the U.S. We stuck it out together for almost nine years. We learned alot playing with some great artists, especially at the Esquire Show Bar in Montreal which was the number one night club at the time. We played with such names as The Isley Brothers( original writers of twist & Shout that the Beatles later recorded) Sam & Dave, Bill Dogget, Don Gardener & Dee Dee Ford, Bo Diddly, Frog man Henry, King Curtis, The Miller Sisters, and countless others. The Jades were great and a big part of my career. Members were : Leader and drummer, Don Carpentier, guitar, Rene Hamelin, vocals and bass, Bill Ledster, and myself on the B3. Other musicians that have played with the Jades are Claude Roy, Ray Roy, Ray Boucher, Big Joe Brazil Jades Recordings Click on records New York Times Inside cover: Rehearsing for the Illustration album in a New Jersey rehearsal hall. Members: Bill Ledster, Claude Roy, Richard Terry, Garry Beattie, Leo Harinen, Ben Perreault, Glen Higgins, Norm Burgess, Roger Homefield, Donald Sanders, Cheri St. James. This great band was formed at the  Fontain Bleu in St. Jean, Quebec in 1969. It was a struggle to get this big band off the ground.Our leader, Richard (Hawk) Terry, had the insight and the connection to get us into the U.S.A. We were fortunate enough to hook up with my friend, Alan Lorber. We recorded our first album at A&M Studios, New York. We toured all over the U.S. and shared the stage with names like Rod Stewart, Leon Russel, The Rascals, BB King, Seals & Croft, Nitty Grity Dirt Band, Joe Cocker,Wilson Pickett, Rufus Thomas,Tina Turner and Miles Davis.Unfortunately, because of poor management, we split up.I still scratch my head thinking about how close we came to super stardom.   Other great musicians that  played but did not record with Illustration, Glen Higgins, Jerry Labelle, Roger Walls, Don Carpentier, Paul Perkins , Billy Shields. Life tasters                                                 Our loves a chain Home                                                          Distant Was it I                                                        I don't want to cry Box of glass                                               The road                                          Thelicia Illustration In Detail press  here thanks to Michael Douglas New Man Made Video This band was way before its time. I had the pleasure of writing a suite for this album, what I consider to be one of my best compositions. I cant take all the credit on this one though I had some great helpers. Bill Ledster wrote some great tunes on this album that always blended in with my stuff. We were always a good team. The members of man made are: Bill Ledster, Michel Como, Denis Como, Gille Beland, Rejean Benjamin, Richard Terry, Roger Walls, Bob Baines, Claude Roy, Jerry Mercer, Glen Higgins, Gerry Bribosia, and Garry Beattie, all of these musicians played in this band. Man Made                                   Country Company Carnival                                       Reflections Evolution                                     Keep On Moving               Recorded at Andre Perry Studios Montreal We where asked to do the sound track for a movie out of Montreal. We did.Here is the soundtrack from the movie Apres Ski. Some great solo work by allthe boys in the horn section and a short but very sweet drum solo by Claude Roy. We where playing this stuff in clubs and concerts as well.I had the pleasure of writing these tunes,but with a lot of help. This recording was done with no overdubs Burnt Ice                        Fly Big Al                             The Jam Après-ski by Érotique PQ - Spectacle 2011 - Les FrancoFolies de Montréal Lindy Lou My Life TOP Home   CD'S   My Past   Vegas Days   Contact    Reunion 2010   Bio